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Our Services

Penetration Testing

Want to assess your infrastructure, mobile application or website vulnerability ? We go beyond vulnerability scanning, and provide advanced manual intrusion testings. Detailed report is provided with rational, risk and remediation. The report is understandable by the top management as well as the technical remediation team.

Vulnerability Scanning

You have a limited budget and want to comply with regulatory requirements ? We provide one time or regularly scheduled infrastructure and Web application vulnerability scanning services for affordable prices. The scanning is done with industry standards tools. Only raw reports are provided.

Source Code Review

A new business critical application will be released to production ? We provide security review on mobile and Web application programmed in ASP, Python, Java EE, Ruby on rails, PHP, etc..

Phishing Campaigns & Security Awareness Training

Attacker breaching organization mainly relies on human weaknesses, we help you simulating targeted phishing campaigns and optionally provide security awareness training to avoid real case happening.

IT Architecture Security Review

The cost of remediation for a vulnerability in production phase is much higher than remediating the same vulnerability during the design phase. We assist you identifying potential vulnerabilities in early project phases and provide you state of the art guidelines for a secure implementation.

Security Configuration Review

Need help to identify configuration flaws in your Active Directory ? Or maybe in your security equipment such as Firewall, Web Application Firewall, Unified Threats Management ? We are here to assist you !

Assistance in Pentest / IT Audit issues remediation

You have been assessed by a third party that provided you a report containing multiple issues to remediate before a deadline ? We can assist you remediating the issues !

Elastic SIEM consulting & integration

Our Elasticsearch Certified engineers will help you to design, implement and properly document your customized Elastic SIEM. We will also train your internal staff to efficiently operate the SIEM.


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The Office

  • Address: 96 avenue Gaston Diderich, L-1420 Luxembourg
  • Phone: (+352) 661 140 732
  • Email: contact@linosec.lu

Business Hours (GMT+1)

  • Monday - Friday - 8.30am to 7pm
  • Saturday - 8.30am to 7pm
  • Sunday - Closed


Data we collect

We are collecting the following data in case you are contacting us:

  • First name and last name (data encrypted in transit).
  • Email address (data encrypted in transit).
  • The contact subject (data encrypted in-transit).
  • The message content (data encrypted in transit and at rest).

Data security

  • Only the strict minimum of personal data required to operate the business is collected.
  • Access to collected personal data is protected by 2 factors authentications and data encryption.
  • Messages sent to us are encrypted in transit and stored encrypted at rest with our PGP public key.

GDPR Inquiry & Data removal

To obtain further information about our GDPR implementation or request the deletion of your data, please write an email to the data protection officer at the following address: contact@linosec.lu.